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Beneficial manure degrading microorganisms.


Boost beneficial manure degrading microorganism population.



  1. Reduction of noxious odors from ammonia, sulfide and putrid gas production.
  2. Liquification and bioremediation of manure slurry


Inoculation of manure systems, septic systems, indoor pits, gutters, and troughs.


Seeding dosage:

50 - 150lbs.
150 lbs and up
one quart / 100 head / day
one quart / 50 head / day
Cattle Dairy
one gallon / 80 cows / day
one gallon / 100 head / day
Poultry Laying hens one quart / 2,000 hens / day
Lagoons   1 - 2 gallons per 20,000 gallons / week

Storage temperature of 40°F to 75°F is optimal. Keep containers sealed in a cool, dark area. Avoid exposure of dry material to moisture. High heat (above 90°F) should also be avoided, especially long term exposure.

Shelf life is 24 months under optimal storage temperatures.

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Order Line/Product Information
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