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Beneficial microorganisms on a wheat bran carrier combined with a special nutrient broth.


  1. Boost probiotic population of beneficial Bacillus microorganisms
  2. Degrade decaying organic matter, including excess fish food, leaves, fecal matter, sludge
  3. Avoid use of chemicals.
  4. Improve water clarity.


  1. Clean healthy water is important for fish health.
  2. Important step in water quality management.
  3. Reduced organics
  4. High numbers of beneficial probiotic species is an important step in maintaining optimal water quality


Aquaculture facilities where high number of beneficial Bacillus microorganisms will contribute to healthier, cleaner water.


Alternate weekly with the BRF-2 Aqua.

Shrimp farming:
Intensive (> 200,000 PL/Ha) 12 ppm per application
Semi-Intensive (100,000 to 300,000 PL/Ha) 10 ppm per application
Extensive (< 25,000 PL/Ha) 7 ppm per application

Specific dosage schedules are available by request for other species.

Storage temperature of 40°F to 75°Fis optimal. Keep containers sealed in a cool, dark area. Avoid exposure of dry material to moisture. High heat (above 90°F) should also be avoided, especially long term exposure.
Shelf life is 24 months under optimal storage temperatures.

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Order Line/Product Information
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