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Safe, non-toxic chemical coagulant/flocculent. Blinds and sinks matter (i.e. suspended clay particles) to the pong bottom where microorganisms, vacuuming, or water changes will remove the debris.


  1. Clear water of suspended matter.
  2. Improve water clarity.
  3. Improve water quality.



  1. Clean healthy water is important for fish health.
  2. Important step in water quality management.


Ornamental ponds, water gardens, fish tanks, race ways, holding tanks, and closed aquatic systems with less than 10-15% water exchange per day.


1 oz. per 1000 gallons (1 gallon per 128,000 gallons).

Storage temperature of 40°F to 75°F is optimal.
Shelf life is 2+ years under optimal storage temperatures.

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Order Line/Product Information
Toll Free
(877) 999-9374